About Me

Some of the fabric of my being:  

Hey Babe!

My name is Jessica and I've just become a dream chaser.  It only took me 43 years but I'm making it happen!  After surrounding myself with dream chasers that dont live in fear of failure and just close their eyes and jump, I've decided it's my turn.  I have been possitively influenced to finally get out of my own way and take my leap.

So here I am, making The Madd Rose happen 

A little bit about the name: 

I have two children. 10 years apart.  Some called me crazy but I called it bonkers!  But, it's my favorite bonkers move I've ever made.  My son who is turning 17 this year, has a last name that starts with "Madd".  My saint of a daughter,  who is turning seven this year, has the most beautiful middle name of "Rose".  The name of my boutique isnt just some misspelled jumble of crazy, but rather has great meaning to me and has a huge part of my heart. 

Just as I do with my family, I take great care with my boutique.  I want the best for it and for you.  I have shopped for the best quality products.  I have sourced unique pieces.  I have saught the best artists that are looking to grow their nitch and be sucessesful just as we all want to do.   I have sampled, shared, taken poles on what I believe to be the best.  And that is what I have at The Madd Rose.

My Goal:

That The Madd Rose is your go-to source for styles influenced by the latest fashions, with a special flair you won't find anywhere else. That my selection is wide, varied and always fresh, so you can discover something new every time you shop with me. I hope that with so many options to choose from, you're sure to come across something you'll love.  I personally respond to calls, texts and emails.  Communication is very important to me and I value the time someone takes to reachout.  I value your opinions and ideas as well so please share! 

But Jessica, where does the MoonBeam come from?

So happy you asked!  Moonbeam was my mothers nickname in highschool.  Essentially, she is the original MoonBeam.  MoonBeam means so much more to me than just my mothers nickname though.  When you think of a moonbeam, it is a ray of moonlight, from a celestial beauty in the heavens.  It brings light to the night and it can light your way should you ever find yourself in times darkness.  When I think of this, I like to think that us humans can do that for one another too.  We can be the beam that someone needs.  Afterall, we never know what darkness someone may be navigating their way through.  If we all remember that we can be a MoonBeam for anyone at anytime, we might make a difference to someone.  Even if it's just one someone.  So, be the beam that someone needs.  Perhaps you can light their way?  Let's light eachother up!